Greetings from Munich

Greetings from Munich

Greetings from Munich

Greetings from Munich

When you ask people what they expect from this Programme, the most common answer you get is: to grow up personally and professionally. Yes, it may sound like a cliché, but trust me, I tried to come up with something better and failed each time.

In which way this Programme offers you a chance to grow up professionally is completely clear – you get the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in one of the best German companies. Names such as Linde, Allianz, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DEG, KPMG tell enough for themselves. Even the great majority of German students can only dream of the chance like that.


But how do we get to grow personally through this Programme? There are undoubtedly many aspects, but one of the most important is – through meeting amazing people.  57 of us, I can without hesitation say – young, open-minded intellectuals, got off the plane in Berlin, burning for new experiences. Never in my life have I had the chance to meet so many people similar to me at one place.That perfect mixture of enthusiasm, positive attitude and willingness to learn cannot be found everywhere. One thing was clear – the adventure was about to begin!


After spending the perfect week in Berlin, all of us went to our new homes for next 3-6 months. Even though we were settled in different parts of Germany – we became inseparable. After my first working week in Munich, I missed neither my family nor my friends from home – I missed only my new friends from the Programme. What are my daily tasks, do I like my roommate, did I manage to open a bank account, did I find a language course – those were the things that only scholarship holders could understand, since we were all going through the same things at the same time.


This is why we come up with the new destination and meeting point for each weekend. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to explore Germany, since we have a host in every bigger city. Therefore, when Friday afternoon comes, you can find us either in Deutsche Bahn, Flixbus or in Blahblah car. And my German colleagues simply love the optimism and experiences I bring into office each Monday.


And do you know what the best part is? That this is only the beginning! After returning to our home countries we get our new roles – we become part of the Alumni club, together with 700 previous scholarship holders, with whom we can enjoy our new German life-styles, while being at home at the same time.


So, are you still thinking about applying or the first page of your motivational letter is already written?

Greetings from Munich,

Olja, Generation 2016

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