Why is it so hard to apply for a scholarship program?

Why is it so hard to apply for a scholarship program?

Why is it so hard to apply for a scholarship program?

Why is it so hard to apply for a scholarship program?

It takes time.

It takes time to search through different scholarship programs and to get acquainted to each one of them. One link leading to another, one scholarship program leading to the information of some other and you end up spending several hours surfing through the sea of information, most of them confusing you.

But at this moment something happens. You start picturing yourself at those places, you start loving the idea of experiencing something new, learning new things and discovering the world through learning, studying and living abroad.

It takes time to learn about the whole process of sending your application; it takes time to check with your university administration if you would be able to acquire all the documents. It takes time to check with the institution and organization of your intent whether you are eligible.

It takes lots of energy to invest in motivating oneself to write something creative, yet appealing and concise enough which will distinguish your motivation letter from hundreds of others.

But selection committees behind every scholarship program are counting on that: the fact that it takes time. And that candidates who are not motivated give up. Those who really strive for something take their chances, invest their time into application preparing and are brave enough to enter the whole process.

It takes time. When waiting for the results too.

Every scholarship program involves different organizations and partners who need to send their feedback. It takes time to read every single application, to discuss each candidate and to make a selection.

Meanwhile, you are expected to wait, sometimes even months. This is the time when questions arise when you are uncertain about your future steps, when everything depends on one e-mail where they will inform you about selection results.

This is the time when you barely let yourself imagine what would it be if… When your brain works through hundreds of alternatives in case if it doesn’t really happen.


But this is a precious time when you work on your plans when you train yourself to be patient when you mature and face yourself with decisions which will lead you through your further career. This is the time you realize that you took the path less traveled. It may not be easy, yet you took your chances.

You get rejected. Well, you need to know that most people do. For every program. Each year. Being rejected is not a sign you were bad, but someone else’s application turned out to be more successful. This moment brings disappointment and kind of a bitter feeling for losing so much time. Yet, it is relieving for the fact that you did try. For the fact that you did learn something from the whole process. And most importantly, for the fact that the bunch of new thoughts, ideas, daydreaming moments and questions arose and made you move forward. Made you discover what you really want.

You get accepted. It could be when you first applied, or it could be your second, fourth or even eleventh try for some scholarship program. But it is worth it. Someone is granting you opportunity to work on yourself, to develop your academic or professional skills, and most importantly, grow up while facing with new environment, culture and people.

Therefore, take your chances. It takes time, it takes patience and it takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. But the award is greater than you hoped for. No matter the result of your application.


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