Oop! The Moment

Oop! The Moment

Oop! The Moment

Oop! The Moment

His photographs capture the moment. Beautifully. You can’t take anything away to make them better. I guess this is what defines elegance.

They are warm, evoke emotions and your own memories. Make you close your eyes and ask your self What do I really want?

His name is Nenad Radovic, an alumnus from generation 2012.

A word or two about yourself

Nenad 1I was born in Sarajevo at the end of the eighties. I have spent childhood mostly in Bosnian mountains, which probably determined my way of thinking and acting in the future in a good manner. My childhood established my rational, engineering side of personality.

During the high-school period, I moved to Banja Luka and started discovering one completely new world, consisting mostly of humanistic view on life. Main blame for that could be sought in my professor of Serbian language and literature during the Gymnasium period. Somewhere there appeared also an interest for photography as an art, although my first technical contact with the camera was making family photos on significant days with one of few things my father kept from Sarajevo – compact Canon film camera. This period in my life determined, or maybe it would be better to say defined my irrational half. The one which is extremely needed in order to keep the first one in good condition.

I was always more prone to informal education, so I like to say that I study life, but occasionally I visit Mechanical engineering faculty in Banja Luka also. Currently, I work as a sales manager in a small privately-owned company in Banja Luka.

Internship Programme of German Business. What does it mean to you?

When I thought on my one-year visit to Germany, and asked myself: What does it mean for me? soon I realized that the only way to give a proper answer is the same one I used to write my motivation letter for the Programme. After a few attempts to create a perfect one, I lay down in my bed, looked in the ceiling and asked myself sincerely: Why do you want it? In the same way, maybe even for the first time after almost five years, I asked myself the question. Internship in Germany brought me knowledge for sure, insight in work organization, cultural and historical heritage, but also a German mentality and way of thinking. It brought me many new contacts, fun trips, interesting places. It gave me a new camera, after all! All of this very helpful for my first half, my work and everyday life.

But what is most important, my Germany experience raised my awareness of beauty which is available to us here in the region. It showed to me that look is always better from distance. It gave me barbecues in Futog, visits in Banja Luka, unforgettable summer in Montenegro, wedding in Niš, great love for Macedonia. Having all of this in mind, now I can claim that Internship Programme of German Business had huge positive impact on my complete personality, so I’m very lucky that I lay down that Sunday afternoon and wondered: Why do you want it?

How did photography become your hobby?

For me, photography is a way of escape from time, escape from reality, way of wondering, way of looking. I don’t mind huge production of photos in current days, I’m very happy that people are using photography even if they are not aware of it – but fulfilling of my dream would be that people realize to look at it in a proper way. If I manage to help at least a few of them to understand that best photos are often lost during look on the screen, I will be a happy person. Like one famous photographer said: “Oop! The Moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever.”

Although I don’t devote enough time to my hobby, it is, and it will be one of the things that will always be present in my life. After all, maybe I don’t have many constants in it, but the ones which exist are very secure.

Rocks and Shadows

1 Rocks and Shadows (1)

Morning in Banat

2 Morning in Banat

Together 2

3 Together 2

At grandparents house

4 At grandparents house


5 Rovers

African boy 1

6 African boy 1

On the road 1

7 On the road 1

Rain man in the train

8 Rain man in the train

Coffee time

9 Coffee time


10 Ages

Black and white

11 Black and white

Salzburg everyday 2

12 Salzburg everyday2


13 Marija

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