Never complain, never grudge

Never complain, never grudge

Never complain, never grudge

Never complain, never grudge

Never give up.

Taking on the adventure. Learning to be the change you want to see. And realizing you are not alone. This is how it feels when you learn that entering the Alumni Club of the Internship Programme of German Business you become a part of an inspiring group of young enthusiastic people who believe impossible is nothing. They have all been netted by similar experience which they’ve been through: internship life in Germany. And for ever connected: by for-life-friendship.

Grasp a piece of atmosphere from recent alumni gatherings.

Some serious work

And some less serious following

Regional Seminar in Sarajevo

Alumni abroad meeting in Dresden

Mid-term meeting in Regensburg

Some hiking adventures

Sport endeavours

And new generation preparations

Alumni Club Croatia

Alumni Club Montenegro

Alumni Club Albania

Alumni Club Kosovo and Alumni Club Macedonia

Regional Alumni Conference in Ohrid

And wherever they meet, they dance out their way

And no matter the generation, country or profession, one is sure: they become closest friends. They know to work hard and have fun. And never grudge, complain nor give up.

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