20y – media

20 years of excellence:
Celebrating our journey together

Welcome to our 20th anniversary celebration of the Internship Programme of German Business! Join us as we celebrate two decades of education, practical training, professional and personal growth, a business network of one thousand people across seven countries, peace building, reconciliation, and building bridges. Explore our journey through our movie, brochure, and greetings of some of our participating companies. Thank you for celebrating with us and being part of our story!

To our participating companies – thank you so much for your continuous support, collaboration, and excellent training of scholarship holders. Thank you for your heartfelt video messages. Your words and support mean a lot to us as we celebrate the 20th anniversary.

In remembrance of Zoran Djindjic, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Serbia, our Internship Programme of German Business has been initiated in 2003 by the German Eastern Business Association (OA) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). One of the driving forces for this initiative  of the Internship Programme of German Business was prof. dr. Klaus Mangold. Thank you for sharing a video message to remember Zoran Djindjic 20 years after his tragic lost.

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